Gold Diggers of 1933

“The great Depression musical, produced by Warner Brothers as a follow-up to Forty-Second Street. If Forty-Second Street was an agreeable sketch, this one is the Sistine Chapel, an insanely overproduced extravaganza that gave Busby Berkeley his first chance to really cut loose. A zillion chorus girls playing electric violins decorate ‘The Shadow Waltz’; ‘Pettin’ in the Park’ is an unbridled voyeuristic fantasy that rivals Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom in perversity. Ginger Rogers sings ‘We’re in the Money’ in pig latin, and-to give the enterprise a noble touch-the plight of the unemployed veteran is explored in ‘Temember the Forgotten Man.’ ” (David Kehr, Chicago Reader) 1933 Dir. Mervyn LeRoy. 1.33:1 B&W 35mm 97 min.