Leonard Cohen: Live at the Isle of Wight 1970

“The scruffy Canadian crooner-poet took the stage past 2am (shortly after Jimi Hendrix had set it on fire), and freshly roused from a nap, he’s the portrait of mellow, inhabiting his signature middle ground between oracle and lothario. Heard through the prism of the sleepy mass, Cohen’s lyrical surrealism becomes unusually pronounced, while songs slip away like dreams: As one line begins to make sense, the next evaporates into madness. The Isle of Wight crowd watches transfixed, as if in collective reverie; four decades on, filmgoers just might too.” (Jay Ruttenberg, TimeOut)

2009 Dir. Murray Lerner. 1.33:1 Color Digital 64 min.

with THE BLUES ACCORDIN’ TO LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS 1969 Les Blank 1.33:1 Color Digital 31 min.