The Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice

Saturday, June 8 11:30 am;

Monday, June 10 7 pm;

Thursday, June 13 9 pm.

“Beginning in light-hearted mood with four women deceiving their husbands to go drinking at a spa, this exquisite Ozu film gradually turns dark as it charts the marital crisis of one of the women and her taciturn husband. At once a study of the shortcomings and strengths of the arranged marriage, and an exploration of what constitutes deceit, and an understated celebration of love tentatively rekindled (one might almost call it Ozu’s Voyage To Italy), this is also one of the director’s most ‘active’ films; the camera frequently moves, there are car rides, train journeys and planes taking off, as well as scenes at baseball games and cycle races. Very funny and very moving.” (Geoff Andrew, TimeOut London)

1952 Yasujiro Ozu 1.33:1 B&W DCP 116 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.