They Live


“John Nada is grouchy because ever since he arrived in Los Angeles from Colorado, there’s been nothing but trouble. People are rude, he lives on a campsite, and then the place is demolished by the cops. Things get worse when he happens across a hidden stash of special sunglasses. Donning a pair, his vision is literally reduced to black-and-white, revealing a terrible plot being perpetrated on the underclass. Skeletal aliens have invaded earth, taking on human guise, hogging the best jobs, and placing subliminal messages…which instruct the man on the street to ‘Obey’, ‘Submit’, ‘Marry and Reproduce’. It’s sunglasses for all as Nada and his pal Frank attempt to infiltrate the media and expose the conspiracy.” (TimeOut)

1988 John Carpenter. 2.35:1 Color/B&W dcp 94 min.