Beau Travail

The detachment of French Legionnaires at the heart of Claire Denis’ enigmatic masterpiece do everything in a group. They drill. They hit the nearest town. They iron their underwear. They . . . hug? But their sergeant (Denis Levant) takes a particular dislike to a charismatic new recruit (Grégoire Colin), upsetting the unit’s equilibrium, and his own. Denis borrows Melville’s Billy Budd to explore masculinity, male intimacy, racism, colonialism, and attraction and resentment, which so often share a flipside. Also, it features the best ending ever.

Saturday, July 16 11:30am;
Monday, July 18 7pm;
Thursday, July 21 9pm.

1999 Claire Denis 1.66:1 Color DCP 93 min. In French, Italian and Russian with English subtitles.