Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia

Saturday, July 30 11:30am;
Monday, August 1 7pm;
Thursday, August 4 9pm.

Gritty, sweaty, sleazy, and fetid, Sam Peckinpah’s existential road movie sticks to you like a damp shirt. A Mexican crime lord demands the cabeza of the lothario who soiled his teenage daughter, and somehow the task comes to a hapless gringo lounge lizard (Warren Oates). The director throws in a few of his famous slo-mo bursts of gun violence, but the real violence lies in the indignities, double crosses, and defeats heaped on the protagonist and his fellow innocents as a harsh world grinds them down.-LG

1974 Sam Peckinpah 1.85:1 Color DCP 112 min.