Fellini: The Temptation of Dr. Antonio and Toby Dammit

Saturday, February 24 11:30am

Monday, February 26 7pm

Both of these novella-length films were part of multi-director omnibus projects, but Federico Fellini’s work stands out in any company. In the former, Terence Stamp plays a dissolute film actor who slouches into Rome for a new project but can’t escape his fate. In the latter, Peppino De Filippo is a prudish citizen overwhelmed by the fleshpot of the modern world. Worth catching for Il Maestro’s visual verve alone. -LG

  DR ANTONIO 1962 Federico Fellini 1.85:1 Color /
  B&W DCP 60 min.
  TOBY DAMMIT 1968 Federico Fellini 1.75:1 Color
  DCP 44min. Both movies in Italian with subtitles.
  DR. ANTONIO screens first.