Freaks and Dracula

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25 11:00AM – Earlier-than-usual!


Tod Browning’s pre-Code cult classic Freaks casts actual carnival performers as the members of a traveling troupe unnerved when a mercenary trapeze artist (Olga Baclanova) cynically woos and marries a wealthy dwarf (Harry Earles). There’s an essential empathy to Browning’s film, despite its chilling denouement. Browning’s seminal version of Dracula isn’t as dynamic, but it boasts Bela Lugosi’s iconic performance in the title role. -LG

Dracula 1931 Dir. Tod Browning 1.37:1 B&W dcp 75 min.

Freaks 1932 Dir. Tod Browning. 1.37:1 B&W dcp 64 min.