Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro

“The feature directorial debut of animation’s great Hayao Miyazaki, ‘The Castle of Cagliostro’ is now considered an anime classic…The action-packed heist film, co-written by Miyazaki and Haruya Yamazaki, opens with Lupin III and his partner Daisuke Jigen zipping away from a successful job robbing a major casino, only to discover that their mountain of cash is all high-quality counterfeit bills. So Lupin and Jigen set their sights on the tiny nation of Cagliostro, the rumored origin of these counterfeits….” (Tracy Brown, Los Angeles Times)

1979 Dir. Hayao Miyazaki 1.85:1 Color dcp 102 min. In Japanese with English subtitles.