Stage Fright

Saturday, November 11 11:30am

Monday, November 13 7pm

“…It’s a murder mystery set in the stage world of London, and almost every scene features some sort of deception, from theatrical performance to bald-faced lying. Even the director, it turns out, isn’t to be trusted. The issues aren’t satisfactorily resolved, but Hitchcock seems to be exploring the ways in which various falsehoods—the falsehoods of acting, storytelling, and art in general—can lead to the truth, and the equally powerful ways in which they can betray it. There is also some very strange business involving a Cub Scout and a bloody doll, but that image, perhaps, is best left unexplored. With Marlene Dietrich, Jane Wyman, and Michael Wilding.” (Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader)

1950 1.37:1 B&W dcp 110 min.