The Plot Against Harry

Saturday, October 21 11:30am

Monday, October 23 7pm

“….A two-bit New York Jewish racketeer, Harry Plotnick is released after a l2-month ‘vacation’ to find his affairs in disarray. The Mob has muscled in on his turf, the tax man is auditing his books, a parole officer is hovering, and his sister’s staying over…all this before Harry has even crashed into his ex-wife’s car and met a daughter he didn’t know he had. It may sound frantic, but in fact the plot takes a back seat to ironic observation. Through it all wanders Martin Priest’s magnificently nonplussed Harry, an outsider stoically trying to work his way back in.” (Time Out)

1969 Dir. Michael Roemer.  1.66:1 B&W dcp 81 min.