Revival Series

Each week repertory films will be presented on 35mm prints and DCP in The Charles’ original 362 seat theatre. There are three showings of a movie each week.


Showtimes are only for today,

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Trouble No More Saturday, March 31
Mean Streets Saturday, April 7
L’Argent Saturday, April 14
Port of Call Saturday, April 21


“In Ingmar Bergman's feature directing debut, urban beauty-shop proprietress Miss Jenny arrives in an idyllic rural town one morning to whisk away her eighteen-year-old daughter, Nelly, whom she abandoned as a child, from the loving woman who has raised her. Once in Stockholm, Nelly receives a crash course in adult corruption an more »


Trouble No More

“Diving headlong into one of the most controversial moments in Bob Dylan's storied career and paying no need to unbelievers, Jennifer Lebeau's Trouble No More unearths rare concert footage from the singer's ‘Christian period,’ when he toured small venues playing nothing but songs about his new faith. The singer's refusal to perf more »


Mean Streets

“The definitive New York movie, and one of the few to successfully integrate rock music into the structure of film: watch Keitel waking to the sound of the Ronettes, or De Niro dancing solo in the street to 'Mickey's Monkey'. Mean Streets is also pure Italian-American. Charlie (Keitel), a punk on the fringes of 'respectable' org more »



"Robert Bresson's 14th film in 40 years, made in 1983. It returns to some of the themes of his earlier work—the notion of stolen grace from 'Pickpocket', the suppression of scenes in favor of a continuous flow of action from 'A Man Escaped'—but there is also a new passion and electricity in Bresson's minimalist images; it nowher more »


Port of Call

Bergman himself admitted the strong influence of Rossellini and Neo-Realism on this dockside drama, filmed partly on authentic Gothenburg locations. A striking opening sees heroine Jönsson saved from drowning herself, before flashbacks fill out her desperate plight… After spending the night with her and sparking the embers of a more »