Revival Series

Each week repertory films will be presented on 35mm prints and DCP in The Charles’ original 362 seat theatre. There are three showings of a movie each week.


Showtimes are only for today,

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Inland Empire Thursday, August 11
Red River Saturday, August 13
Welcome Home Brother Charles Thursday, August 18
The Swimmer Saturday, August 20
Moonrise Saturday, August 27
DIVA Saturday, September 3

Inland Empire

Shot piecemeal on low-grade digital video over several years, David Lynch’s last feature film to date both culminates his auteurial approach and smashes it to pieces. more »


Red River

Howard Hawks’ seminal Western established Montgomery Clift as a movie star and movie star John Wayne as an actual actor. Wayne plays an aging rancher determined to drive his cattle hundreds of miles to market at all costs. Clift plays the young protege who rebels against his dogged elder. more »


Welcome Home Brother Charles

A Black man (Marlo Montes) is screwed over by The Man and imprisoned—we’ve seen this movie before. But unless you’ve seen "Welcome Home Brother Charles," you’ve never, ever seen it play out this way. more »


The Swimmer

Burt Lancaster embodies such a paragon of mid-century suburban WASP-iness that nothing seems awry when he materializes in a manicured Connecticut backyard wearing only swim trunks and announces a plan to breaststroke all the way home via private pools. more »



The sins of the father haunt a smalltown schlub in Frank Borzage’s noir. A murderer’s son (Dane Clark) kills his lifelong bully in self-defense. He’s wracked with guilt and worry that some stain of sin has been passed down, but not so wracked that he doesn’t quickly take up with the bully’s fiancee... more »



Jean-Jacques Beineix exhaled a gust of fresh Gauloise smoke into French cinema with this stylish caper film that established the ‘80s as A Thing as surely as any other cultural product you care to name. more »