“When cleancut med student Dan Cain (Abbott) advertises for a roommate, little does he suspect how spectacularly his life – and the laws of creation – are about to be turned upside down. He soon wishes he’d heeded the caution of girlfriend Megan (Crampton), who can obviously spot a crazed re-animator when she sees one. In no time at all, Herbert West (Combs) has brought Dan’s dead cat twitching back to life with a syringe full of green gloop. The dean (Sampson) fails to see the beneficial side and expels Dan and West, who promptly turn Burke and Hare in the university morgue. Mayhem ensues as the dead run amok. Dr Hill (Gale), a rival for Megan’s affections, loses his head – and then finds it again. The injection of humour into HP Lovecraft’s 1922 tale is what saves this splatterfest from being mere fodder for gorehounds.” (Time Out)

1985 Dir. Stuart Gordon. 1.85:1 Color dcp 105 min.